Half Insoles for Women/Men Shoes

Foot pain? Blisters? Bigger shoe size?? No worries!! We got you covered with our comfy shoe insoles that stick well to your shoes to give you comfort all day long.. Heels, sneakers, joggers, formal or casual shoes it fits all styles
  • Designed specially  for those who have foot pain or blisters, stick the pad on the shoes to relieve pressure and pain
  • Eliminates heel slippage and make the shoes more comfortable to wear
  • Strong self-adhesive
  • Adjust the size if shoes are slightly too big
  • Can be used for high heels, sneakers, joggers, casual, formal shoes etc
  • One size fits all: 14.3* 8.9(cm)
  • Material: Soft sponge with breathable cloth
Love your feet. Wear the comfort

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